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Fairways Loan Information  - Return your ballots by May 15th!

Thank you to all those that attended the Annual Meeting on Monday night. It was a very positive and informative meeting! There are couple things that we would like to reiterate from the meeting.

  1.  The ballot is for the loan and not for whether or not the work will be done. The pond (basin) remediation work is going to be done whether the loan passes or not. The loan will enable the work to be done now and the homeowners to spread out the cost over 5 years. Voting against the loan will not stop the project from happening. It will just delay the work until funds can be collected another way. Delaying the project is not ideal, as the conditions of the ponds will continue to worsen until the project begins.

  2.   If the loan does not pass or we do not receive the required number of ballots in favor (75% which is 228), the work will be delayed several years until the HOA can collect enough money to pay for the project without a loan. This means that the normal dues for the next several years will likely increase to over $1,000. Owners will not have the option to spread the payments out as they can with the loan.

  3.  Completing the project with a loan is a fixed cost. Homeowners know what their payments will be provided the loan is approved by June 15th. If the loan does not get approved, the project cost becomes variable as the contract price for the work will no longer be valid and will increase an undetermined amount by the time enough money is collected.

  4.   A Reserve Study was completed in 2016 and is posted on the website. Regular maintenance of the ponds (once the project is complete) is already being budgeted for. There should be no need for future loans/assessments provided the Board continues to follow the study’s guidelines and contribute to the reserves. Regular maintenance was not performed on the ponds in the past and that is why there is the need for this project.

  5.  The loan principal amount is $410,000. This includes all the work and figures detailed in the loan handouts. There is a small contingency amount included as well. There should not be any additional costs to the homeowners as the contract is a fixed amount and quotes have been received for the work to be completed.

Owners that were not in attendance will be receiving the loan information and ballot in the mail. If you have questions, please contact M2 Management Group. There has been a lot of misinformation given out and we want to make sure that owners are well informed.

Ballots can be returned to M2 Management Group via email at info@m2mgmt.com, fax at 330-220-1140, or mailed/dropped off to 455 Pearl Road in Brunswick. Ballots must be signed by an owner of the property as listed on the auditor’s website. Only one ballot per home is accepted. Please return your ballots by May 15th!

Loan Handout
Loan Ballot

 Garage Sale 2018 News

Our Fairways Garage Sale will be held on Wednesday, May 16th through Saturday, May 19th 2018.  9am to 5pm rain or shine. Only one sale will be offered this year. The more participants we have, the bigger ad we can place in the newspaper.
A $5 fee is required for each participating household to pay for the newspaper advertising. If you decided to participate last minute or just for one day, you still need to pay the $5 fee and contact us.
Registration is due no later than May 1st, 2018. A list of participating addresses will be on the Fairways website.  Please drop off your completed Registration Form and $5 to 4745 Muirfield Ave.  Checks may be made payable to Peggy Haney. Contact garagesale@fairwayshoa.org or 216-526-2996 with questions.
Please restrain your pets!

We have received several complaints from walkers, kids, and joggers that are being chased by dogs in the Fairways.  Our goal is to keep our neighborhood a safe and happy environment to live in. Residents should not be afraid to walk in certain areas, for fear they will be chased.  Please be sure that your pets are controlled at all times. The State of Ohio has many requirements regarding the control of dogs (ORC 955) and we have highlighted a few important ones below:

1.      You must properly restrain and control your dog at all times. Be sure the dog will not be able to escape from your property. 

2.   Ohio law does not permit pet dogs to run loose while off your premises.  Dogs must be on a leash and under control when walking them in our neighborhood.

3.    In the unfortunate event of a dog causing injury to a  person, the owner is required to register their dog as a DD (Dangerous Dog) and pay fines and registration fees.     

Also, please be courteous and pick up your pet’s waste while on walks and in your yard. This can be dangerous and a health hazard to our community and unpleasant for neighbors close by.

Contact Animal Control at the Brunswick Police Department at 330-225-9111 if you have any questions, concerns, or need more information.


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2018 Spring Newsletter

Quick FAQ's

When are the assessment fees due?
Annual Assessments are due May 1st and are considered late if not paid in full before June 1st. Please refer to the collection policy for more information.

Payments can be made using the "Pay Assessments" tab or mailed to:
Fairways HOA
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What are the CC&R'S?
The Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R's) are the governing legal documents that set up the guidelines for the operation of the planned community as a non-profit corporation.

How can I make a recommendation?
Please send your recommendations to M2 Management at info@m2mgmt.com.

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